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Matching Therapy

What is Matching Therapy?

The human body has numerous correspondences For example, the entire reduced body of our human body is connected with the same reduced nerves as the human body in many places in the ears, hands, feet, thighs, arms, and eyes.

That is why the development of this acupuncture is the background that all kinds of acupuncture needle acupuncture needle acupuncture needles came out.

For example, the ear acupuncture is the same as the model axis of the human body, so it treats all diseases there. However, the corresponding acupuncture is the same, but it is a completely different concept. There is a corresponding place, but in reality, if it is an eye disease, no response occurs even if stimulus is given to the place corresponding to the eye. It is characterized by the fact that most of the painful areas of the affected area react immediately within 1-3 minutes. This matching principle treatment has become a powerful treatment tool that has proven superiority to any acupuncture technology that has been available so far. In other words, not only the head but also the knee becomes the head, and the big toe corresponds to the head, so it is an acupuncture technique that can treat the head without directly treating acupuncture.


Traditional treatment that helps relieve acute pain, chronic pain, musculoskeletal and emotional problems.

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