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The importance of identifying the cause and early treatment

A'beep' sound. 'Tinnitus', a sound that people around me can't hear and only hear, is one of the most common diseases. About 32% of the population suffers from discomfort from tinnitus, and about 6% complains of severe tinnitus enough to visit a hospital. . About 0.5% of them have so much tinnitus that they cannot live a normal life.

Tinnitus is the feeling that a sound is heard in the ear or in the head even though there is no sound stimulus. You feel uncomfortable as a level of noise that annoys you. Tinnitus is a phenomenon in which abnormal irritability occurs due to various causes in the nerve pathways that sense sound in the inner ear, auditory nerve, and brain, and the nervous system connected thereto.

It appears as a variety of sounds in low-frequency, mid-frequency, high-frequency fields, such as the sound of an insect, the sound of the wind, the sound of a machine, the sound of a whistle, and the sound of a pulse, and sounds of different heights are mixed and heard. Transient tinnitus is common, but if tinnitus persists for a long time, different people complain of different degrees of discomfort.

The biggest cause is senile hearing loss due to aging nerves. Inner ear damage caused by noise often occurs especially when a musician or an aircraft pilot is constantly injured by the inner ear. It can also be caused by loud music sounds.

Trauma such as a traffic accident also causes tinnitus with a strong impact. Drugs such as aspirin, streptomycin, neomycin, kanamycin, and furosemide can also cause tinnitus. Even in Meniere's disease, seizure-like dizziness and hearing loss appear along with tinnitus.

Muscular tinnitus occurs when there is a spasm in a small muscle attached to the ossicles in the middle ear, or when there is a spasm in the muscles connected to the ear canal. Due to regular contractions, a'cracking', repetitive sound can be heard in the ear. This sound can be a little uncomfortable, but it's not bad, and it usually subsides without special treatment.

In the middle and inner ear, the jugular vein and the carotid artery are two thick blood vessels in close proximity. Therefore, sometimes you hear the sound of a beating pulse in your ear, a'hissing', or the sound of blood passing through your blood vessels. Vascular tinnitus may develop with age when the walls of blood vessels thicken, twisted blood vessels, or lumps grow on the walls of blood vessels, severe fever, inflammation in the middle ear, or after intense exercise. Rarely, a tumor in the auditory nerve can cause tinnitus. In this case, the exact cause should be identified through tests such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or brainstem provoking test.

As a TV-radio device is damaged, noise is generated, and the hearing cells, auditory nerves, and cranial nerves of our body are damaged, and when aging, noise is generated and distortion occurs in the damaged nerve. This is tinnitus.”

The difference between machines and humans is that even if tinnitus occurs, the central nervous system, that is, the brain, blocks a certain portion of it so that it cannot be heard or bothered. However, the process of constantly checking and listening to tinnitus due to anxiety about tinnitus prevents the brain from blocking tinnitus. Rather, it is a sound that the patient considers important, so amplify it and use a strategy to ignore it.

There are currently no anti-tinnitus drugs. However, in alternative medicine, nutrition tests were conducted to balance the balance of insufficient nutrition. Because it is a part that can be performed alone, the results are good. There is a method of performing a nutrition test with hair and a method of simply performing a nutrition test of important parts with QMRA in this oriental clinic.

That is, take a combination of B3 B6 B12 C taurine glutathione, etc.

Others include long-term treatments and herbal medicines, but time and economic costs are incurred, and high costs do not cure the disease.

Traditional Chinese medicine judged that tinnitus begins to appear when stress is applied for a long period of time, but when the deepening of the body rises and the process of heating the ear, which should be cold, is prolonged, it seems that tinnitus eventually appears. It is effective to use judicial acupuncture. In addition, it may appear due to difficulty in the flow of nerves and blood vessels due to ear disease or imbalance of the jaw joint around the ear.


Traditional treatment that helps relieve acute pain, chronic pain, musculoskeletal and emotional problems.

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