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Best good salt

To stay healthy, you have to choose really good salt

Eating several times a day every day is actually more valuable than gold, which is indispensable for most diets.

The foods and vegetables we eat every day also contain salt

Although it is a daily intake of salt, if it is insufficient, it is easily exposed to serious diseases.

Some scholars tell us to decrease the amount of salt. Some people ask us to increase the amount of salt. What is our choice? We learn about salt most accurately in relation to health.

Doctors and many scholars say that people with high blood pressure or poor kidneys are told to reduce salt intake or low salt.

People who have reduced salt intake immediately and have weakened nephritis or kidney function. For those who have high blood pressure or who are taking medicine, reducing salt intake will definitely help. Face seriousness

So, if you eat salt, but if you figure out why the doctor needs to reduce it, the answer will come out, and if we solve it, we can eat salt to our heart's content.

Rather, if you say that you are keeping your health healthy, you will not understand most of the salt consumption.

Salt is involved in the production of digestive juices, and all organs of the human body need salt, and if the shortage is prolonged, disadvantages occur in almost all organs of the body, from chronic fatigue, chronic asthenia to immunity.

Salt is originally the best natural sea salt. The ancient, unpolluted global environment, the sea, the sky.. However, this era is not an ancient earth. Salt is the result of condensation from strong sunlight, and the energy of salt is a symbol of hotness. Although it is not hot to the touch, hot heat is condensed in terms of “gi” energy. Even melts

Since such salt did not contain any pollution or harmful substances thousands of years ago, the best salt made by the Creator was provided to humans, but in modern times it can be said that eating natural salt is very harmful to health, and it is never allowed to eat natural salt.

Those who need to eat natural salt should be held responsible for conveying misinformation

Of course, when making kimjang, it is necessary to use coarse salt for kimjang in order to gradually dissolve into the cabbage and cause osmotic pressure, but the salt that is always used in daily life should not be eaten with sea salt.

In Korea, salt is produced only in the west sea, and it is prevalent in the west sea by diluting contaminants and heavy metal toxic substances from many plastic fragments flowing from the Yellow River to the west sea in China a day. It is a natural result that there are countless microplastics in the seawater. Carbon dioxide and chimney smoke from factories around the world are mixed with clouds in the sky and fall to the sea, and the sea is an endless reservoir of pollutants and garbage. It is a fact that we all know that a mountain of garbage, which is 20 times the size of the Korean Peninsula, aggregates and floats in the Pacific Ocean. Such plastics and plastics are decomposed and decomposed to become ultra-fine plastic pieces, which are contained in almost all sea creatures. Even krill, which lives only under the ice of the Arctic Ocean, has some microplastics.

If you normally eat sea salt containing minerals (soil component) with heavy metals and toxic substances, fine plastics are entangled, blood vessels are clogged and the kidney membrane is caught and cannot be discharged, causing kidney inflammation on the spot, so don't eat salt. Scholars or stupid naturopaths say that you should eat natural salt. Purified salt is dead salt without minerals. It's wrong. Because minerals are scarce, I don't know that my body is dying.

Even if we eat only vegetables with our usual meal, we ingest various sodium salts, mineral nutrients and even carbohydrates. Sufficient mineral intake is being made, and the minerals of the current natural salt are tangled soil contaminated with heavy metal toxicity. If you need it, you can buy it. Small metal minerals are actually minerals and earth materials. If you need to eat minerals, you can buy good minerals and it is enough in food.

The minerals of small metals are soil components, and they come from the sea containing mineral toxic substances and pollutants in the soil, and when the sea water is condensed, it is contained in small metals intact with soil components, that is, microplastics rich in minerals.

To avoid this, the only salt of Company H in Korea purifies the sea salt using a distillation method and sells pure salt.

However, it seems that it is difficult to completely remove even fine plastics and toxic substances, but it must be excellent salt.

Salt that has been boiled for 2 hours or more at a temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius or more becomes liquid. A layer of pure salt and a layer of toxic substances are laid on the top, and a layer of soil (mineral) is laid on the bottom.At this time, only the top pure salt is removed and dried and crushed. One salt is called molten salt.

Molten salt can be a good salt that has been completely removed from all toxins from microplastics.

If you look around molten salt, you can find molten salt inexpensively.

The cheapest molten salt is enough to protect your health. Expensive ones are specially melted for a longer period of time, and heat condensed and condensed to enter the body to dissolve cancer or inflammation. There is no need

This molten salt is very safe because it does not contain microplastics or soil contaminated with toxic substances (minerals), and it does not harm the human body no matter how much you eat. It does not prevent toxic substances from the kidneys, and does not cause kidney failure or kidney inflammation. If salt is sufficient with good salt, blood vessels become more flexible, rather favorable to high blood pressure, and kidneys gradually improve. However, excessive amounts for nephritis People who have weakened kidneys or have poor kidney function have a weakened ability to accept salt itself, so consult a specialist and do not consume excessive amounts.

It became clear why doctors should reduce salt or eat a low-salt diet because eating salt worsens blood pressure or nephritis. However, as explained in the former section, if you continue to limit your salt intake or low-salt diet, you will face a difficult situation where you will face other big problems. The sea salt extracted from the polluted seas of this era is considered to have reached a point where it is not allowed to eat as it is if you consider health.


Traditional treatment that helps relieve acute pain, chronic pain, musculoskeletal and emotional problems.

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